These are some of the blogs and websites that can give you further information about music recording studios, songwriting, demos and so on.


This blog provides classic interviews, in-depth new album reviews, essential news stories, live reviews, films, DVDs and much more.

Louder Than War

This is the UK’s fastest-growing and award-winning music and culture website. It features music news, reviews, interviews as well as discussion on international punk rock and pop culture.

The Line of Best Fit

This blog offers information on the best tracks by the hottest emerging bands from the UK, US and beyond.

Songwriter Trysts

This Australian website offers an intimate space where artists gather to discuss the love of songwriting. It allows songwriters to delve deeper into their songs, where they come from and what they are creating.


This is a songwriting team from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Founded by co-writers Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor. The team host podcasts that feature interviews with some of the most successful songwriters in the world.

The Ivors Academy

This is the UK’s independent professional association for music creators. It is a community of diverse, talented songwriters, composers and producers across all styles.


This blog teaches you how to rapidly improve your production skills with in-depth articles. They show you how to conquer advanced music production by learning to mix and master like the pros, rapidly increase your output, and improve your workflow and creativity.

No Dough Music

This website specifically targets music production with in-depth articles full of tips, techniques and advice in music production. The blog covers fundamental topics such as EQ, mixing, mastering and analogue sound, plus interviews with professional producers who discuss their studio set-ups, techniques and general insights.

These few blogs and websites will be helpful to you. Connect with us for more information.