Music is a big business, and music studios make living recording songs for artists. A recording studio could start in a room, a basement, a university dormitory or even a mobile phone. One thing is, however clear, that the bigger an artist, the bigger the studio that he or she uses for song recording. Here are the top recording studios in the UK.

Sarm West Studios

This studio is owned by SPZ Group and is situated in Notting Hill, London. It’s London’s biggest studio complex and creative hub. It has recorded hit songs with some of the world’s greatest artists in history.

Rockfield Studios

This is a residential recording studio located in the village of Rockfield, Monmouthshire, Wales. It was founded in 1963 and has produced hit songs for several bands like Queen in the 1970s to Shame in contemporary times.

RAK Studios

This is a recording studio complex with residential facilities located in central London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1976 by English record producer Mickie Most. The studio has recorded notable bands and artists like Smokie, Racey, Hot Chocolate and many more.

Abbey Road Studios

This is a recording studio located in the  City of Westminster, London, England. It was established in 1931 by the Gramophone Company and is currently owned by Universal Music. The studio is famously associated with the greatest English boy band of all time, The Beatles.

The Chairworks Studios

This is the largest residential recording studio in the north of England. Located in Castleford,  it’s run by a team of dedicated professionals and recommended for artists who are on the quest for audio perfection.

Air Studios

This studio was founded in London in 1969 by record producer Sir George Martin and his business partner John Burgess. Located on Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, London, the studio is a key facility for classical and popular recordings, film scores, television post-production, as well as dialogue, sound effects and music for video games.

If you are an aspiring artist with big dreams, take note of these recording studios. You might one day record your songs there. You can contact us for more information.

Top Recording Studios In The UK