A recording studio could be hectic, but there are people whose job it is to keep the studio up and to run. Working in a studio is a career that many people dream of. This article opens your eyes to some recording studio careers that you will love to have.

Audio Engineer/Recording Engineer

This position is sometimes called a sound engineer in some recording studios. The roles of an audio engineer include setting up and running the equipment used in making recordings of music and sound for commercial release. An Audio Engineer might work in a commercial recording studio or own their studio.

Music Producer

A music producer writes, arranges, produces and records songs for musical artists or other projects. It is his or her duty to bring the vision of a recording to life. A music producer determines and leads the creative and technical aspects of recordings for a single song, an album, or a soundtrack.

Mastering Engineer

A mastering engineer ensures that the sound quality of recorded music is consistent and well-mixed. He or she has to create the final and approved mix for albums before they are replicated and released to the public.

Mix Engineer

A mix engineer mixes the various sound elements of a track to balance the volume and improve audio quality. He or she is expected to help with the arrangement and sound of a song to achieve the artist’s vision.


A copyist transcribes musical parts from a score to extract parts for players in a group.

Assistant Engineer

An assistant engineer helps out in a recording studio by doing sundry jobs like positioning microphones, prepping mixes, carrying amps, and more. He or she is expected to help out with anything studio-related.

Recording Studio Manager

A recording studio manager ensures that the studio runs efficiently by overseeing building maintenance and studio prep ahead of sessions. They also book studio time for artists.

These recording studio careers can’t be gotten overnight. You have to strive to take courses that will lead you to your desired career path. Stay with this blog for more information.

Recording Studio Careers You Will Love To Have