As an upcoming artist, you will have to write your songs, do all you can to record them and come up with a demo. However, you must take steps to market your demo to artists, publishers and industry professionals.

The first step you have to take is creating a professional cover for your demo CD case. Your CD case should be attractive to whoever is looking at it at first glance. An attractive-looking CD case can make people want to listen to your songs. So get a graphic designer to get the job done for you.

You can also start marketing your demo by giving it to family and friends to play in their homes, cars, places of work, parks, among friends and at parties. People always want to listen to something new, especially if it’s from someone close to them. Make them your first fans.

Another way that you can market your demo is to perform at a variety of events and venues. You can market your demo, yourself and your brand at these events. You don’t necessarily have to play for a fee at this point in your career. Perform at these free concerts to generate media attention at no additional cost.

Learn to network and connect with other upcoming artists like yourself. Attend events organised for people in your style or genre of music. Join an association of people in your genre of music. When you network, it allows you to market your demos to people in the industry.

Also, you can send copies of your demos out to people in the music industry that you believe can help you achieve your dream. Don’t just send your demo out for the sake of it but send it to specific people, especially singers and bands that are making music similar to yours.

You can send your demo directly to record labels. Just do some research and find out about the label’s A&R representative and contact them or send your demo to them. An A&R representative is responsible for recruiting new talents for a record label. Make sure your demo goes to the right places where it will be listened to.

The road to the top is usually not easy for an upcoming artist, but you can make a go for it by taking the steps outlined here. You can also contact us for more information.

How To Market Your Demo As An Upcoming Artist